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13 The Most Cool And Wacky Bedrooms Ever
Written by Mike on 04 Jun 2012

Starting at childhood we dream about cool bedrooms and sometimes we even get them. Here are 13 the most cool and wacky bedrooms we could find around the internet. You’ll see everything from dream-like thematic kids rooms to great romantic escapes at extravagant resorts. Of course most of these designs are unreal to repeat you still can find some interesting ideas and simply enjoy bedrooms that is the most cool out there.

Bedroom With A Pool In The Mykonos Blu Resort (via onlyexclusivetravel)

Corian Futuristic Bedroom By Karim Rashid (via digsdigs)

Transparent Garden Shed Bedroom (via architizer)

Pirate Ship Kids Bedroom (via mymodernmet)

Mobile Red Cube Bedroom (via digsdigs)

An Amazing Underwater Bedroom From Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands Resort (viaconradhotels3)

Really Glamour Bedroom (via digsdigs)

Futuristic Bedroom Design (via digsdigs)

A Bedroom With A Complicated Canopy (via karako)

A Bedroom With An Extravagant Canopy Bed (via bornrich)

Half Graffiti Bedroom (via mymodernmet)

Creative Bookcase Bedroom (via digsdigs)

Hanging Bedroom-In-A-Box (via dornob)

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