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37 Easy To Make Christmas Decorations

Making Christmas and other Holiday decorations is always a fun and interesting process. Many people start to do that in their youth and continue for the whole life. Although sometimes that isn’t very easy task to create a beautiful decor. That’s cool when you have where to get a inspiration. With the inspiration christmas decorations become easy to make.

Holiday fireplace decorations

Holiday fireplace decorations

The unique concept Treehotel to experience nature among the tree-tops

The concept of Treehotel is a truly unique experience, where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure. It is located in Harads, Sweden, near the Lule river, in the heart of the unspoiled nature, where you can enjoy the serenity, leaving the stress and problems of modern life. At the moment the hotel offers five extraordinary rooms, and all of them are absolutely unique in their interiors, decorating, furniture, lighting. Their sizes also differ and range between 15-30 square meters, the largest room can accommodate up to 4 people. As for me, the most exiting design is Mirrorcube, whose walls are invisible for people’s eyes. From Treehotel’s rooms you get a fantastic view of the valley, miles of forest and the powerful river. For more information visit the site.

The unique concept Treehotel to experience nature among the tree tops

Funny Kids Bedding By Selene&Gaia

Kids often don’t want to go to the bed in time and we have to think out some ways to make them to do that. If you want this process to be easier and in the same time make your kids feel pleasure when they are going to sleep then just buy them any funny bedding. Selen&Gaia is a French company which offers a large selection of very high quality kids beddings. Its collection with pictures of different amusing animals is awesome. Thanks to picture’s variety you could find right design which your child will certainly like. It could be as gentle bedding set with nice sheeps as more bright one with cows or giraffes. If you like these funny kids bedding sets and want more information about them then you could find it on Selene&Gaia.

Funny Kid's Bedding By Selene&Gaia

Tori tori restaurant by rojkind arquitectos and esrawe studio

Considered as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City, Tori Tori recently moved to a new location designed by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio. “We are being coherent with its culinary know-how and creating the accurate environment and situations for a gastronomical experience. The final result is achieved not only by working with the client but with his complete staff as well”. The space makes a statement with the uniqueness of its design. It is urban, contemporary, and creates a strong connections between interior and exterior, with rooms of different ambiances that each maintain an intimate feel. The remarkable facade is made up of two self-supporting layers of steel plates that were cut with a CNC machine and finished by hand. Absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio 1 Tori Tori Restaurant by Rojkind Arquitectos and Esrawe Studio

Majestic Cardiff Castle


At first sight Cardiff does not seem to be very old, and the medieval castle in the centre of the city looks rather like anachronism. Nevertheless Cardiff castle has been standing on its hill for 10 centuries already and does not pay any attention to the changing urban landscape out of its walls. It has seen so much in the last century - German bombing, rock concerts, annual balls of the Cardiff university... Though the walls themselves may surprise tourists indeed by their Norman restraint and posh Victorian interiors.
One may enter the territory of the castle through its massive, seemingly restored gates. A ticket costs 11 pounds - it includes a short film about the history of the castle, visit of the fortress, military museum and bomb shelters. The tower can be visited, unfortunately, only in a separate excurssion.

Magic Table Lamp Aurelia by QisDesign

Taiwan-based QisDesign studio has created the Aurelia lighting series. Aurelia is an extraordinarily beautiful lamp, inspired by Moon Jellyfish. Its soft light creates calm and relax feeling and evokes a sense of tranquility bordering on a trance state. This LED table lamp offers a delight for not only your eyes but also your sense of touch. With a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, it enables easy luminosity adjustment. Glare is eliminated thanks to LED’s small-size characteristic, making it possible to hide the LEDs in the center. Create a mysterious atmosphere with its subtle glow. Different colors are available. Via

Magic Table Lamp Aurelia by QisDesign

Unusual Slide House in Japan

I am not a kid anymore, but when I saw the pictures of the Slide House in Japan I instantly felt like a little child!

Japanese Studio LEVEL Architects has designed an unusual three-story family house quipped with a slide that connects all three floors. This fun house is wrapped with staircases and a corridor on one side, and the slide on the other side, which together form a circular route around the central area of the house.

The 1,762 square-foot Nakameguro home is located in Meguro-ku, one of the municipalities of Tokyo, Japan. Now the only thing left to figure out is the exact address, and hope that the owners will let me take the slide.

How about you? Would you take the stairs or the slide?

Modern Kitchens From Elmar Cucine

We were browsing through Italian kitchen maker Elmar Cucine‘s catalog the other day and liked what we saw. The forms they use are simple with bold lines and sharp edges giving their designs somewhat of a masculine touch. This emphasis on simplicity is no accident and is expressed quite clearly in their philosophy:

Elmar is not simply content to manufacture products, it wants to manufacture simple products. Simplicity is harmony, the happy balance between form and function that has its fulcrum, its deep meaning, in the human being.

Some great images…

Contemporary Modular Black and White Houses by A-Cero

These great houses were presented by A-Cero Modular quite a while ago, in 2010, but we simply couldn’t leave them unviewed. A-Cero is a world-wide famous Spanish design studio, specializing in urban architecture and design. Unlike the huge luxury houses they built for the La-Finca residential area, modular department’s houses are much smaller and easier to construct. Just like any other modular homes they are built of prefabricated blocks. There are multiple configurations, from the cheapest two room and one storey version at 84,000 euros, to the most expensive Cubic that has two storey and reminds of the luxury Spanish villas the most and comes at 252,000 euros. The earlier presented version is called the black house and has black glossy facade thanks to the black windows glass and aluminum panels. It looks extremely cool, but newer white house is more welcoming and extraordinary with its black and white contrastive exterior. For more information visit this website.

Contemporary Modular Black and White Houses by A Cero


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