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Amazing Stockholm Loft With 16 Feet Ceilings

This amazing loft is located on the top floor of a very attractive building on one of the most desired addresses in Stockholm. The building was built in 1885 so the 300 square meter loft features 16 feet ceilings. Besides the loft exposures in all four directions and is blasted in sun from glorious windows. The living space features only exclusive and high quality materials and appliances. There is also an open and very spacious living area with a fantastic wood burning fire place, a custom built bookshelf that emphasizes the height and shape of the ceiling and separate dining area from where you can enjoy the wonderful views over Östermalmstorg.

26 Cool And Unusual Bed Designs

We spend about 8 hours/day, 56 hours/week, 240 hours/month and 2,920 hours/year doing it…that’s right…SLEEPING. In other words, we spend one third of our lives doing nothing, and if you live for 90 years, 30 years would be spent in this mysterious state.

So, the next time you buy a new bed, keep in mind that you will spend a huge amount of your life just lying on this piece of furniture.

Sure, picking an ordinary comfortable bed may seem as a good idea, but the problem is, nobody will ever notice it. If you want to show off, you need something more creative, and this list of 26 cool and unusual bed designs is a good way to start.

In which bed would you like to spend your next night? (and with whom?)

1. Book Bed

To resolve the issues of lack of space faced by a lot of urban-dwelling Japanese families, photographer and innovater, Yusuke Suzuki, created a ‘fold-up’ bed in the shape of a book. When the book is opened at night, it’s pages serve as a duvet and pillows and it comes with large cut out shapes and illustrations. During the day it can be folded up and used as a playmat.(Designer: Yusuke Suzuki) (link)

Interior Renderings by Design Code

Design Code, a relatively young architecture and interior design firm based in Amman, Jordan brings you these concept renderings for exquisite entrance hallways, living areas, bedrooms, and dining areas. They have described their inspiration and style as a conversation between the past and the future. They aim to make the best out of the resources available to them and to enliven architecture in Jordan as well as other parts of the world. These renderings evoke an unusual blend of interior design style — you can see the influence of culture in the screen prints of turbaned men on horseback, in the rich, golden tapestries of some walls, and the intricately-patterned richly colored Persian rugs. You can also see the influence of basic geometric forms in Design Code’s work – large circles and rectangles decorate the ceilings and walls, disco ball chandeliers seem to be suspended by what seem to be cylindrical light-beams from the ceiling, and bold parallel lines.

Modern and cozy sofa design – Ploum by Estudio Bouroullec

Brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec from Estudio Bouroullec in cooperation with Ligne Roset presented a new Sofá Ploum, designed for comfort lovers. Due to its simple form the item can be easily adapted to the contours of the body to have a rest there. A combination of two specific materials (high resilience polyurethane Bultex foam and flexible fabric) which, when associated with the real dimensional generosity of the Ploum settees, offers a great flexibility and an extremely high level of comfort whilst giving the body the chance to adopt a number of possible postures. Extremely warm and cozy, Sofá Ploum is available in two sizes, so it will fit any apartment.

Modern and cozy sofa design – Ploum by Estudio Bouroullec

Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

Bimonthly online magazine, Lonny, is a superb source of style for interior design enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Founded by designer Michelle Adams and photographer Patrick Cline, Lonny features great images to inspire our outdoor spaces, whether we have sunny roof terraces, leafy lairs, prim patios, or are dreaming of a poolside paradise.

Create levels in your garden by adding a pergola, not only do they look pretty, but they can create much needed shade in a south facing garden. For gardens on a larger scale, go for a cabana that will provide both shade from the sun, and a barrier from the wind in more open spaces. Try hanging pretty colored lanterns from your structure, they will take your outdoor entertaining area all the way through from daytime dining, to drinks after dark. Keep seating comfortable with seat pads and cushions, your guests will stay longer!

luxury poolside cabana

Google’s London Offices: Revamped Level, ‘L4’

Last week, Google staff at London headquarters in Victoria made their way up to the brand new fourth floor, former engineering level, ‘L4’. This amazing space laughs in the face of a general consensus that fun workplaces harm productivity. This is an environment that focuses on creativity, comfort and openness.

The open plan space creates opportunities for collisions of genius to occur, as many products manifest when teams around the building discover each other’s work, and link up to discuss new approaches. The brainstormers are spoilt for choice with access to a games suite complete with consoles, TV and pool table, and a sound proof music hang-out, equipped with guitars and drums. A gym is also at hand to keep the workers in healthy body and mind, or employees can sit back on deck chairs in a garden scene complete with grassy carpet and a stray rowing boat!

Star ship inspired corridors lead from clear walled pods equipped with video conferencing nooks, to relaxation zones with squishy seating and headphones to block out distractions. Walls lined with white boards record ideas off the cuff, to be discussed later on the giant dual level sofas that fill the cushion scattered meeting rooms. With a ‘coffee lab’ serving an extensive range of blends to stimulate the creative buzz, and four free restaurants, including sushi and tapas bars, to feed the brain, we wonder if anyone ever leaves!

Google office L4

Dream Home Interiors by Open Design

We here at Home Designing are awestruck seeing the work of this Vietnam based firm, Open Design; seriously, this is the stuff dreams are made of. They hit the wow button every single time, creating chic spaces that ooze luxury with rich wooden floors, super glossy wall paneling, and lights dripping with sparkle. The sleek expanses of contemporary wood grain work as an effective device to bring in the large open plan spaces, attaining a sense of coziness from natural colors and textures, whilst positively screaming glamour. Decadent fabrics and Barcelona chairs let you know that no expense is spared, and art is always a grand affair with huge paintings and prints forming focal points.

A golden spa experience sees a climb of candle lit steps from bed to tub, encapsulated by floor to ceiling lustrous tiles, where neat nooks cradle smart accessories and conjure architectural interest. Stepping stones over a bed of pebbles create an indoor zen garden, where the contrast of texture against sleek tile makes a simple pebble look precious.

The finishing glow on these interiors is polished by magical lighting plans. Recessed ceilings conceal rope lighting to create a warm glow around the perimeter of the rooms, with neat formations of recessed cans for brightness, and the more lavish luminaries for twinkle, lighting serves two key purposes: illumination and atmosphere. In any light, these designs are simply stunning.

steps to bath

Grecotel Cape Sounio hotel – the perfect holiday destination in mainland Greece

Grecotel Cape Sounio is Luxury Grecotel Hotel in Attica Sounio Greece, near Athens. Bungalows and villas are set in an amphitheater – so that the rooms overlooking the great and beautiful scenery like the Temple of Poseidon, the brilliant blue sea and the clear skies of the Aegean clearly visible from most bungalows.

Paradise In Maldives: Six Senses Resort, Laamu

Poised serenely over majestic turquoise waters, a palm fringed villa with sea suspended hammocks, padded day beds, and dining above a window of bright lagoon, awaits you at the Six Senses Resort in Laamu, Maldives.

Built from sustainable materials, these unvarnished beachfront and overwater villas offer a chic picture of paradise. Six waterside and over ocean lounges and restaurants provide food grown in the island’s organic garden, for hungry guests spending days sun lounging, snorkeling around Laamu’s house reef, and dolphin and turtle watching.

Connected by beautifully weathered wooden jetties, and secluded by bamboo enclosures, the retreats are airy with high ceilings, and open air bathing alongside a private water garden. An all glass bathtub is suspended above the sparkling Indian Ocean, allowing you to soak up more of paradise. Up on a treetop deck, panoramic views of seascape and an unobstructed sunset are a feast for the eyes, and the soul.

With transparent sides and cut away floors, the villas are designed to immerse in the sensational views. The hut like appearance lets us drift away into a fantasy of simple island living, but there is no denying the superb finish of this amazing resort; bespoke furniture, sleek fittings, and luxurious bedding offer indulgence on the highest scale. Could this be one of the most beautiful places on Earth? We think so.

maldives resort villa

resort tanning deck maldives

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