Beautiful Houses

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White Spaces with a Punch of Color

The Micheli Residence in Florence, by Italian architect Simone Micheli, pops with an unusual palette. In exception of a rare feature wall, the large white space finds color from its furniture of carnation pink and sunshine yellow, with a current of neon green and electric blue running through it. Interesting textures break up the fresh expanses, and tease us with the history of the building, as the shell of this ultra modern interior has stood since 1800; we see the original walls still proud, unplastered and simply painted, causing fantastic contrast to the dynamic slickness of contemporary additions.

The soft architectural shapes of the city residence are echoed with installations and accessories with rounded corners, and glossy surfaces smooth and reflect the bright lights. A mezzanine level oversees the open living area, where you might feel like a kid in a candy shop, sugared with marshmallow-like sofas and zingy citrus bars across the wall, which may prove a little too sweet on the tooth for some. A minimalistic white kitchen almost disappears into a white cove, maintaining an overall feeling of freedom and movement throughout the space, whilst backlit typographical elements adorn walls of bedrooms and a wetroom, adding personality to the places punch.

Is it possible to create a colorful home with only a white paint pot? You decide…

Pink white lounge

Colorful Volcano Inspired Fireplace

If you think that modern fireplace designs are boring than the Terragen fireplace by a young UK company, Flying Cavalries. It’s inspired by those natural pheonomena that are a source of enourmous energy: volcanoes. This fireplace can easily become the heart of your home and become a source of energy for you after the working day. Its colors go from red and melt into gray so even when it isn’t working it’s still an eye-catching sculptural object. Besides being just a fireplace, the Terragen is also a stylish coffee table. This cool smokeless ethanol based fireplace is designed to keep you warm and create a cosy ambience at your home.

Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping Inspiration

Essentially, the craft of aquascaping is landscape gardening underwater, involving the creation of aquatic plant, driftwood and rock arrangements, including cavework. Whilst an aquascape would typically house fish alongside the plants, it is also appropriate to use simply plants and rockwork, or other hardscape alone. The aquatic works of art adhere to a collection of distinct looks and rules, such as the Dutch garden-like style, and the Japanese-inspired Iwagumi and nature styles that we see in this library of wonderful work.

These dreamlike underwater landscapes come to us courtesy of Takashi Amano, one of the most influential people in the field of freshwater aquascaping, and his firm, Aqua Design Amano.
These dreamlike underwater landscapes come to us courtesy of Takashi Amano, one of the most influential people in the field of freshwater aquascaping, and his firm, Aqua Design Amano.

Contemporary Rope House by Bates Masi Architects

The design studio Bates Masi Architects has completed this original Robins Way Residence in New York, USA. The client, an interior designer and DJ, has planned a complete renovation of the house, built back in the 1960s to come here on weekends. The main goal was to bring modern spirit in this historic building, paying great attention to acoustic and lighting. Thus, a natural rope was appeared as a key design element. Between the existing ceiling joists, the rope was woven through a digitally fabricated framework. A large sliding door is woven with the same rope to provide privacy from the neighbors and shield the sun at various times of the day. The skeleton of the house and was history preserved, so this project combines old and new design solutions. Via

Contemporary Rope House by Bates Masi Architects

Cohesive Interiors Shaped by Geometrix

Russian firm Geometrix put emphasis on conceptual geometry, whimsical shapes and exciting volume, and this design by the Moscow based firm is no exception.

This beautiful example of modern living sees cohesive color and materials throughout, allowing one space to flow to the next. A symmetrical, rectilinear kitchen keeps the space uncomplicated, in continuity with other zones in the house, leaving the curvilinear forms to the open living area in which a chrome arc light and pendants emulate the elliptical shape of the unusual chairs. Tones from the same palette create depth and layering in the lounge, and scatter cushions merge rather than pop.

Ergonomics are ignored in the bathroom, seeing a streamlined runway of squared off sanitary ware, for a clean and futuristic look. In the bedroom, an oversized headboard bridges the layout, continuing up to and over the ceiling, flanked by high gloss panels that back the contemporary bedside units; the overall effect is stunning and creates a sense of sanctuary. Accessories are kept minimal, the floor color light, and all furniture ‘floats’ to ensure the wrapped space maintains an airy feel.

Will this geometric design shape your next interior?

Open plan living

Vinyl Wall Decals

Vinyl wall decals are still flooding the interiors market in bright new forms, like these examples from Etsy shop Empire City Studios, so liven up plain walls with a decal or two, or three! You can keep your selection abstract by choosing something like the circular spirograph patterns for a quicker and cheaper personality injection than wallpaper, or try a cubist arrangement for a budget splash of modern art. For more specific zoning, you could add an air of café cool over your dining table or breakfast bar with a hot coffee cup symbol, it’s a great way to add a quick burst of character to a boring corner.

Grander pieces of vinyl wall art such as trees look great in just about any room, imagine a delicate spray of branch blossom blowing over a crib, or a graceful bough swaying over your sofa; add a flock of colorful birds to your branches and you can span your room with an impressive feature. Try to choose decals that completely contrast with your paint color for maximum impact in large areas.

Circular design wall decals

Give Thousands Of Dot Stickers To Kids & This Is What Happens

This is somewhat of a weird subject for me since I have never in my life been a big fan of stickers. I pretty much banned them from my life ever when I was a kid. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those strange things that I never really understood. It is a great way to get a message out, that’s for sure. But the way they stick, and the way you can never ever get them off without leaving a nasty mark on whatever surface you stick them on is really annoying. I know, it’s a weird and quite possibly insane idea I have about stickers, but they bug the heck out of me. So what am I doing writing a whole article about these things?

I felt I had to because of the incredible visual nature of what you are about to see. Artist Yayoi Kusama decided to take a stab at some epic interior design sticker sticking, and it turned out to be  one of those amazing projects that you have to see from the very beginning to understand the epic scale of it. The installation was carried out at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. The artist gave every kid who came to visit literally thousands of stickers to put wherever they wanted.

The time lapse photography tells a story that we rarely see in our ordinary lives. Sticker by sticker, the children painted the room in different colors. It’s amazing what dot stickers can do to a room and how it can transform an emotionless space into a warm, cozy and playful area which you can never get enough of. My only question is how the heck they will manage to get all of those dot stickers off… everything! It will probably take years and years to get them off without leaving a mark. Do I hear chemical solution being sung in the background. Scary!

Insane Dot Sticker Art Installment

Elegant Rapunzel armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue has designed beautiful and cozy Rapunzel armchair. In spite of its name the armchair doesn’t look childish but elegant. Thick hand-coiled upholstered foam curves over a steel frame on this easy armchair. The shape of Rapunzel resembles a cocoon where you can relax and feel comfortable after the working day. The item is available in different colors such as grey, black, yellow or violet to fit any interior. You will also feel comfortable due to soft wool that covers seat and back. In addition to the Rapunzel armchair the designer offers the Rapunzel pouf, a matching item from the same collection.

Elegant Rapunzel armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue

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