Beautiful Houses

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Sleep under the stars without the fear of getting gobbled up by a bear or infested with creepy crawlies at the Attrap Rêves in Marseille, France. Small bubbles are designed by designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas, they allow you to stay in the room, but at the same time as though and in the open air. 

The bubbles are small and cozy, about 13 feet in diameter. Some are fully transparent, while others allow a little more privacy and are half opaque. Staying the night in a bubble will cost you upwards of 109 euros, while tasty meals are provided at the nearby lodge-style restaurant.

Bubble-Hotel-France-1.jpg (640×480)

The Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Water Discus Hotel

Another innovation came to Dubai. This time Deep Ocean Technology designed Water Discus Hotel that will be constructed in Dubai shortly. "Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs – an underwater and above-water one. This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate. The two parts of the structure are connected by three solid legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. The size of each disc has been adjusted to local conditions." Guests will have opportunity to sleep deep in the ocean and to take bath on the upper deck. "Twenty-one hotel rooms are submersed in the center of a vibrant coral reef with enchanting views of sea life, illuminated with special lighting systems, and offer the use of miniature underwater vehicles equipped with macro photography, operated from your suite, to provide a closer look at the tiniest of creatures. Due to the innovative design comprising individual modules that can be detached and replaced with new ones, Water Discus can also be expanded into a bigger resort complex, and may be constructed and reconstructed anywhere in the world, creating opportunities to live underwater on a permanent basis in an unlimited string of locations. " Stunning hotel!

Luxury Tuscan Villa, dreamy villa by Muhammad Taher

Enjoying comfortable, luxurious, magnificent and amazing property. It will become real when you meet the following brilliant architect. Brilliant results have been created, giving meaning to impress every observer.

Thinking about houses picture perfect, think of romance and elegance, luxury and opulence, all set in a sun dappled warm mist drenched on the perfection of a good sophisticated traditional style.

Unusual Holiday Home for Creative Campers

The famous Australian photographic artist, Marian Drew, wanted a house in which she and her family could enjoy their weekends, and felt a construction derived from the concept of a luxury campsite would fit the bill. The unique holiday home was designed by Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions, and is located on the Queensland coast amongst mature Bloodwoods and Cabbage Palms, in the town of Seventeen Seventy.

The living and sleeping pods, and the bath house, of the Drew House were built and fully completed in Brisbane, and transported across 500km to the chosen site. The prefabricated sweeping roof structure that covers the outdoor connecting core–consisting of an alfresco dining and living area–was erected onsite along with the adjoining decks.

Stacking Green by Vo Trong Nghia

The design studio Vo Trong Nghia from Ho Chi Minh has completed a beautiful project of Stacking Green House. Its width is only 4 meters, but it includes four full floors. This architecture is typical for Saigon, where the home is situated. Chaos reigns in the most populous city everywhere. And only flowers and tropical plants on the balconies of buildings, streets and backyards delight the eye. The green façade looks very elegant and protects the owners from the sun and prying eyes. The internal layout of the residence is quite typical for Vietnam. On the ground floor there is one of the bedrooms, a pantry and exit to the patio. The second level is occupied by a living room and a kitchen. The third floor includes bedroom and bathroom, the last level is designated for office. On the roof there is a terrace to have a rest on the open air.

Stacking Green by Vo Trong Nghia

Beautiful Villa Spinaltermine for rent in Italy

Luxurious Villa Spinaltermine is a private paradise for lovers of breathtaking countryside in Umbria, Italy designed by Nicky Dobree. There traditional Mediterranean style combines with modern elements. The mansion includes four bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a detached guest house. Rich and warm interior is complemented by open-air terraces, gardens equipped with dining table and seating area under a canopy, as well as endless pool. This villa is a wonderful place to spend time inside and outside, especially in the warm time of year. And if you want to spend some days in paradise, just rent this villa here.

Beautiful Villa Spinaltermine for rent in Italy

New Age Contemporary Kitchens

Check out this collection from Cuisines Morel. The old rule book is thrown clean out of the window when it comes to finish, color and creativity, seeing jaw dropping combinations of rustic, knotty cabinets against a graffiti backdrop, or bright sky blue gloss sandwiched right inside rich wood and white glass. Team all this with flashy extractor units that could easily be mistaken for contemporary works of art, just as at home in a sculpture gallery, and you’re on to a winner. (Visuals rendered by Interiorvista)

graffiti interior

Beautiful Workspaces

With more and more people telecommuting these days, the design of personal workspaces is now something that interior designers pay close attention to. Research has proven that a cleaner and more comfortable workspace stimulates the mind and increases productivity while a poorly designed one produces an opposite effect. We recently stumbled upon a site called Deskography which does provide some excellent inspiration for designing workspaces. The site lets users upload photos of their workspaces and enables them to vote on them as well. There are plenty of inspiring visuals and here are a few that caught our fancy:

Rooms with a Dash of Color Splash

White rooms are completely versatile and can either create a modern sophisticated feeling of serenity or make a fun artistic impact on the energy of a space with a splash of color. The rooms featured below provide a white canvas for an intriguing pop of colorful textiles and accessories that anchor a wall and create beautiful central focal points of interest upon entering. This simple clean style is pretty popular in the region of Northern Europe and apparently pretty difficult to fudge up.The blog Scandinavia With Love has an excellent set of some of these gorgeous spaces for design inspiration. Here are some of our favorite picks:

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