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Showcase of Creative Magazine Covers

There are literally thousands of magazines published every month, only the high quality and good ones make it mainstream. The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “First impression is the best impression” apply greatly to magazines. It is the covers of these magazines that creates the impulse, that uncontrollable urge to grab hold of the magazine and flip it open.

creative magazine covers Showcase of Creative Magazine Covers

Jump From Paper: 2D Cartoon-like Handbags

Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon character? While this is not yet possible, Taipei-based design duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin made a huge step forward by creating a collection of 2D handbags.

“One cozy afternoon, the two girls were chatting, when they got to sketching their dream designer handbag. A surprising idea popped up – “How amazing it would be if a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration could come to life as a real bag!” They explored every possibility, rendering fantasy handbags in perspective, and giving birth to JumpFromPaper.”

“Despite the slim appearance, each bag has a roomy interior to accommodate personal belongings and even a laptop. JumpFromPaper takes handbag design on a new journey, ready to twist people’s view!”

Luxurious Football Table For Exquisite Interiors

ssslaying table football can be art if you do this with Total Krystall by Adriano Design for B.lab. This is an absolutely new view of a football table, it not only a game but a luxury piece. Impressive for its sophisticated design and quality construction, B.lab’s table football series is truly unique. Total Krystall is made entirely of crystal glass and aluminum using the most sophisticated technology. Its skilled Italian artisans craft each individual table as a unique piece of art. This table is suitable even for the most exquisite interior and captious person. Total luxury for you!

25 Unique And Creative Ice Cube Trays

Did you know that ice cubes were originally invented to lower the ambient room temperature?

American physician and humanitarian John Gorrie built a refrigerator in 1844 with the purpose of cooling air. His refrigerator produced ice which he hung from the ceiling in a basin. Gorrie can be considered the creator of ice cubes, but his aim was not to cool drinks: he used the ice to lower the ambient room temperature[1].

But who said that ice cubes should be cube-shaped?

Silicone ice cube trays can create any shape we want – from snowflakes to brains and guns. So, why not spice up your next party with one of these creative custom shaped ice cubes?

1. Have an Ice Day

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