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Lake Retba Looks Like a Giant Strawberry Milkshake

Lake Retba or Lac Rose lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, north east of Dakar. Depending on the time of day, the lake changes colour from a light purple to a deep scarlet pink. The unusual colouring of the water is caused by harmless halophilic bacteria that thrive in the lake’s high-salinity environment. The color is particularly visible during the dry season.


Mind-Blowing Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

Born in Japan but now living and working in New York City, artist Kumi Yamashita does incredible things with light and shadows. Kumi has an impressive list of solo and group shows sine the late 90s along with a host of permanent collections around the world.

Kumi received her bachelor in fine arts at the Cornish College of the Arts in Washington and obtained her masters in fine art from the Glasgow School of Art in the UK.

In her series entitled Light & Shadow, Kumi uses a single light source along with an assortment of perfectly placed objects to create incredible shadow silhouettes and artwork on walls. Please enjoy this small sample below, and be sure to visit Kumi’s official site for even more amazing artwork.


Artwork by Kumi Yamashita

36 Global Warming Awareness Posters

With the ever-increasing temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere from as early as the late 19th century, nature is sending us signals to do something about global warming. We humans have a tendency to neglect obvious signs and this is probably why warning messages of global warming are only surfacing in the recent years when we could have intervened a hundred years ago.

Atlas Holding Our World (Image Credit: Karim Fakhoury)

Atlas Holding Our World 36 Global Warming Awareness Posters [PICS]

3D Apophysis Flowers by Chiara Biancheri

3D flowers

Let us show you beautiful flowers created by artsist from Italy Chiara Biancheri. All these fairytale flowers were created using 3D software. From words of Chiara: “I’ve been making fractals with Apophysis since late 2008, deeply fascinated by the oneiric feeling so typical of fractal flames, and the intriguing patterns and geometries this software can generate. While I do also enjoy other fractal generating programs such as UltraFractal, Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3D, I still prefer Apophysis for its higher expressive potential. I’ve been recently focusing on three dimensional flames, with a “photographic” approach and an evident organic and floral inspiration. A collection of three-dimensional fractal flames created with Apophysis 7X.” Have fun!

Modern Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown

modern lamps

Today we will show you two interesting modern lamps created by product and lighting designer Giles Godwin-Brown. Both lamps are two dimensional. The Nepa Lamp is a wall-mounted six feet lamp equipped with friction hinges to allow the piece to pivot away from the wall. Constructed of birch plywood and stainless steel with some aluminum details, it utilizes high-powered LED lighting. The Candor Lamp is also wall-mounted and is constructed of cotton and timber. Wired with LED lighting as well, this lamp features a transparent strip that generates a "halo-like" glow on the wall it is mounted on. Take a look!

Rolling Stone – Concept of Unusual Electric Car

rolling stone

There are more and more concepts of individual eco cars – prototypes of the cars of the future – appear every year. Today’s concept – a futuristic creation of Russian designer Vitaly Kononov – is called "Rolling Stone". A very accurate title for the vehicle having so fantastic design. The corp of the car consists of two large wheels on each side of the capsule housing the only passenger. The car moves through the electric motors receiving power from onboard batteries. The design of concept is intersting by itself – both sides of the concept car are LED screens on which the pilot can show any photo or video. Such concept car looks amazingly nice but its practical side is more doubtful.

Cool Washer And Fridge Stickers By Funnydoors

If you want to renovate your kitchen and make it more bright and unusual then you could use magnetic stickers by Funnydoors as the most easy way. They are made especially to decorate fridge or washer. With them these usual domestic appliances could become very cool and original. The interesting feature of these stickers is the possibility to buy a pair with the same design for both fridge and washer. Funnydoors offers several stickers collections with a lot of different designs. For example there are stickers as with amazing photos of different cities as with appetizing fruits. Funnydoors stickers are very flexible and easy to cut so you won’t have any problem with their sizes. On Funnydoors site you could find more information about these stickers and other its products.

Cool Washer And Fridge Stickers By Funnydoors


Stone Footprints by Iain Blake

creative photos

This weekend we want to show you cute series of photos “Stone Footprints” created by photographer Iain Blake. Ian found a lot of smooth stones and pebbles and placed them in fun footprint patterns: five tiny stone “toes” surround a larger stone. Amateur photographer working in the emergency service sector in Renfrew, Scotland, the Stone Footprints photo series is quite simple yet creative concept. Alongside with creative idea the photos themselves are amazing in their crispness and composition. Hope you will like it!

Beautiful Charcoal Drawings by KLSADAKO

pencil art

Today we want to show you another great example of pencil art. Obviously artists from Great Britain Ken Lee akaKLSADAKO have huge talent. You can see it by viewing collection of his art works below. Beautiful Asian girls on these charcoal drawing look so real that it seems they will blink or smile to you. Take a look!

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