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Angkor Wat From the Helicopter

sergeydolya - 06 Dec 2011

The main place of interest in Cambodia is Angkor Wat - a giant temple complex devoted to god Vishnu. We are going to have a look at it in an unusual way, from the height of a helicopter flying.

The airport of Siem Reap is very unusual.

The area of the complex is 200 hectares, it is surrounded by the 200 m artificial moat.

Someone raised upon the temple in a baloon.

Near the main temple are some smaller ones.

Roads are like vascular system

Almost all the area is used for agriculture

Flying over Tonle Sap lake - the biggest basin of Indo-Chinese peninsula 

For the bigger period of the year the lake is comparatively small (2700km2) and not more than 1 m deep. During the rainy season the territory of the lake reaches 16000 km2, its depth - 9 m: so it floods nearby forests and fields.

Village on water

Fish is caught with nets

The road with houses resembles a backbone


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